Linda Wong

Linda Wong, the current Chairwoman of the board of directors of Yihai Group, Special Director of United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, the Executive VP of China Federation of Overseas Chinese Entrepreneurs, VP of China Overseas Chinese Entrepreneurs Association, VP of The China Association for Non-Government Education, Life-long Honorary Principal of Sichuan Beichuan Middle School.

She is first an entrepreneur, who participated in the First Hong Kong Investment Fair held by the Beijing government.

She has developed over 8 million square meters of real estate and owns and operates property management, financial investment and healthcare firms.

She is also an educator, who invited reputable schools into her community and became the first person to develop the education community model. She has founded and operated 15 education institutions in China for 20 years.

Ms. Wong is also a philanthropist, who has devoted herself to charity. She has founded the Yihai Charity Foundation and supported more than 10 philanthropy projects. She facilitated Harbin in China and Uz╠îice in Serbia to form the “International Friendship Cities”.

Ms. Wong is also actively participating in cultural exchange between China and US. She has sponsored the Student Leaders Exchange Program for 3 consecutive years.

She has also donated 6 million RMB for the Teachers Exchange Program between US and China.

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