Mei Zhang

Mei Zhang is a native of Yunnan province in southwest China and the Founder of WildChina, a trendsetting travel company based in Beijing.

Mei holds an MBA from Harvard Business School and worked as a consultant for McKinsey & Company until she found her true passion in sustainable travel.

Together with former WildChina CEO Albert Ng, Mei has built WildChina into one of the world‟s BEST Adventure Travel Companies, according to National Geographic.

Mei‟s expertise has also led her to win a number of personal awards and accolades, including Travel and Leisure “A-List of Top Travel Advisors” and Conde Nast Traveler “Top Travel Specialist”.

WildChina now has offices in China and the U.S., and its business model is presented as a case study to all first-year students at Harvard Business School.

Passionate about unlocking authentic travel experiences for the Chinese traveler, in 2011 Mei began another endeavor – Beshan Travel, introducing a chic travel lifestyle to sophisticated Chinese.

In 2015, she took another leap of faith and launched Newugo.com, a platform that acts as the „Airbnb‟ for authentic travel experiences.

In 2016, Penguin published Mei‟s first book, Travels through Dali: with a leg of ham.

The book is a beautifully illustrated chronicle of her return to her roots and serves as a form of cultural cultivation for the region‟s ancient traditions.

Mei lives in Berkeley, California with her husband and three children and maintains the social media identity @zhangmei.

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